Welcome To The 
South Coast  Reflector
Houston, Texas
Space City

The South Coast Reflector is the Best Coast Reflector
We now have three more repeaters connected to the East Coast Reflector 24/7
442.975 Spring, Tx
442.900 Conroe, Tx
147.120 Montgomery, Tx

We have a new repeater on the South Coast Reflector in La Porte Tx. 444.175 WA5AIR  and we have two more in Carlos Texas KI5YPZ 443.950 and 145.470   

South Coast Monitor Page=48752 HUB

All local nets will be on HUB 48347

Ramey KF5GXZ has setup Broadcastify Audio Feed here on the  South Coast Reflector.
Click on the link below to listen 

South Coast Reflector Live

We have a new Sunday night South Coast Reflector  general check in net come join us for the net David KC5YTX will be you net control for the net.

Just to let everyone know Greg (WE5D) will start sending out a news letter once a monuth for the South Coast Reflector to let people know whats going on here on the system. If you would like to be on the list please email Greg at 

   Emergency Communications The System is the official host for National Weather Service SKYWARN net in the 25 county warning area of the Houston/Galveston NWS office. During severe weather events a net control operator is stationed at the NWS office to receive severe weather reports and issue warnings via the system. In the event of an emergency the South Coast Reflector System is available for exclusive use by the State of Texas and any served agencies in and for the affected area. During times of non-emergency use, the System is open for any licensed Amateur Radio operator to use on a non-exclusive basis. Please remember, this is a State-Wide resource, therefore, frequent pauses in communications are required to give other stations a chance to break in if needed. This system is user supported . Open for use by all amateurs. 

 The South Coast Reflector net is ever Friday night at 7:00 pm Central time.
Come join us on the net. Ramey KF5GXZ, Charlie WA5AIR, David KC5YTX  and Paul W5PTD  will be the net control for the South Coast Reflector. The purpose of this net is to promote and discuss Allstar nodes and anything related to Amateur Radio. Discussion topics can include introductions from hams who are new to Allstar; and DMR repeaters in your area; new DMR radios you have heard about or recently acquired, or any technical support you might need. This is a directed Net, so please wait to be acknowledged by Net Control before proceeding with your comments. Comments and questions of any subject related to ALLSTAR or Amateur Radio in general are acceptable. Anyone from any location is welcome and encouraged to check-in.

What is South Coast Reflector ?   It's largely the work, effort (and expense) of myself WA5AIR and others that help and donate to the system.
The system is a linked system of radios and allstar nodes. There is no membership requirement for using South Coast Reflector. The repeaters and links via the internet and also some RF Links. The system is made up of radios, hard line, antennas and hardware, that all cost money and of course, insurance premiums. Some equipment is donated, which greatly helps, but have you thought about the fuel and other vehicle expenses incurred, in order to make a trip out to one of the remote sites? It's easy for the rest of us, to take such expenses for granted. South Coast Reflector is a user sponsored and user supported system meaning in a very real sense, that you are part of what makes the South Coast Reflector system operate. Many of those using the South Coast Reflector have minimum personal resources and the nice part of Amateur Radio is, we know there are many such as yourself and you are still and will always be welcome on the system. If you and the many others like you could offer whatever amount you are capable of providing without question I would greatly appreciate it. 

If you would like to Donate to help Maintain  South Coast Reflector click on link below


 South     Coast     Reflector

          If you would like to be a part of the South Coast Reflector team and would like to help with the system just email me at WA5AIR@yahoo.com we could use all the help we  can get. The system would not be what it is today with out your help. 


We are not a club or affiliated with any, but rather individual amateur radio operators bringing our distinctive skills, resources, knowledge base and combined efforts to help facilitate the repeater system.  The Internet Linking of Allstar nodes on the system is a large network of Allstar nodes and HUB’s .  The South Coast Reflector  welcomes Allstar nodes and repeater systems.   It’s nice to have the means of linking multiple amateur radio repeaters and simplex nodes together using Voice-Over-IP software and the internet.    Allstar makes interfacing a radio or repeater to the world simple and cost effective.  Allstar nodes are also permanently connected full-time to another VoIP system called IRLP.  The South Coast Reflector System  has an Echolink server 582584 that is open to all Links and Repeaters.  You must  pre-register to be allowed to access Echolink .   To be added to our allow list please contact Charlie, WA5AIR by clicking the following link below.  Server updates are done on the first Sunday night of each month. 
  To stay up to date with technology in 2023 we have added a DMR BrandMeister bridge Talk Group 312681 On SCR all digital modes there is an additional delay, please key up 3 seconds before talking and leave brakes between transmissions.    The system has requirements that must be met to maintain a high-quality sounding audio. The system administrators are available to work with any repeater or simplex node owner to help resolve interfacing or audio issues. If a system administrator tells you of a problem, please disconnect and correct the problem before returning to the system. The South Coast Reflector reserves the right to forbid the use of any repeaters, links or remote bases, or any voice over internet protocol by anyone who violates these rules, or anyone   who facilitates or encourages others to do so.

  Policy When connecting to All-Star HUB  The system is open unless your on the black list.  Stations that want to connect with Echolink or All-Star are more than welcome to connect. Here are the rules as to what is allowed and not allowed on the system; 
    Pause 4 seconds before you start talking or give out your callsign.
    No links/crosslink without prior permission.
    No Cross connecting reflectors or Allstar hub nodes allowed on this system without permission. 

No Cross band radios are  allowed on this system without permission. 

    Do not connect another Allstar hub or Echolink conference to this system without  permission, as doing so your connection will be disconnected and/or banned from the South Coast Reflector.
    Please do not play any announcement globally over the system,  doing so you will be  disconnected and/or banned from the system.
  Please disconnect from this All-Star node before connecting to another reflector or All-Star node or hub. 

   No Gossip, Swearing, profanity, or foul language are allowed on the system.
   No talk of politics allowed on the system. Remember that this practice goes along with the general rule of amateur radio.
   If you do not observe or follow these instructions your All-Star node and/or Echolink connection will be banned from the system.
   Please be kind and respectful to other users.

Have fun and enjoy the network!

73's to all From WA5AIR

Below are Motorola MSF-5000 250 Watt Repeaters that are on the system